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Dispatches From The Frontline Podcast

Who was Sister Nan Reay and why is her story so significant in 2022?

Dispatches from the Frontline is a podcast series from the diary entries of Sister Nan Reay

(Royal Red Cross), an Australian nurse who served behind the frontline in World War 1. Whilst these dispatches celebrate this nurse’s personal resilience, courage and persistence, they also reference

 contemporary experiences of care, servitude, resilience and courage, embodied daily by front line health workers during past and current wars and the the recent COVID pandemic.


Dispatches from the Frontline is brought to you by:

Geraldine Cook-Dafner – Narrator

Naomi Edwards - Director

Alex Dafner – Voice recording and editing

Zoltan Fecso – Sound composition and editing

Tristan Meecham – Creative Producer, All the Queen’s Men

Sarah Corridon - Image 


You can download Dispatches from the Frontline at:


Or, wherever you get your Podcasts


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